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Industry Partners

The PRA is the recognized leader in the field of Rheumatology in the Philippines. It is committed to high quality patient care, advancement in education and research in Rheumatology, and the personal and professional development of its members. The PRA is always looking to partner with companies who share these goals and are dedicated in uplifting the practice of Rheumatology in the Philippines.


PRA is proud to produce quality education, wet-clinic workshops, and clinical practice guidelines for both Rheumatologists and non-rheumatologists. Members include over 200 adult and pediatric rheumatologists from all over the Philippines with five training institutions shaping more. Lectures, workshops and webinars are well attended and garner additional attendees from both adult and pediatric medicine – surgical and non-surgical practice. The PRA understands that partnering with industry leaders is a win for all. Listed below are some Industry Partner Opportunities. The direct promotion of products and services is prohibited in the website as PRA is a non-commercial organization.

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Published biannually, the eNewsletter will be delivered to the official inboxes of PRA members, Medical field subscribers, and Patient’s Corner subscribers. The eNewsletter targets to keep professionals and patients informed of topics that impact their life and practice. It will include the latest stories from the Rheumatology front, PRA position statements, healthy living article, Spotlight on Doctors (celebrating Rheuma Pioneers), patient support group announcements/articles, and medical calendar of activities.


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Annual Philippine Rheumatology Association Conference

The next Annual PRA Conference will be held on February 2022. Keep posted for more updates!

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PRA CME Webinars

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that going virtual is essential. Learning activities have shifted online with webinars at the forefront. PRA is committed in continuing professional education and personal development to its members via webinars of the Special Interest Group (SIG) lectures and Rheumatology Skills Enhancement Series (RSES). Webinars typically run 60 minutes in length and are promoted to the entire PRA membership, non-members and other healthcare related groups. With more than 200 PRA members and additional attendees from both adult and pediatric medicine, there is ample opportunity to support PRA and Industry Partners via sponsorship or educational grant.

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