Webinar Sponsor Guidelines

Webinar Sponsorship Guidelines

  • Webinars for sponsorship include Special Interest Group (SIG) and Rheumatology Skills Enhancement Series (RSES) lectures

  • Inter-hospital Case Conference webinars may be sponsored with the collaboration of the training institution conducting the webinar and the approval of the Committee on Continuing Medical Education

  • Special Lecture webinars (ex. World Psoriasis Day lecture) may be sponsored and added to the calendar of activities once it has been approved by the PRA Board of Trustees and Committee on Continuing Medical Education

  • Webinars will be hosted on the PRA website unless the sponsor requires a specific webinar platform (ex. Zoom) that they will provide

  • Industry partners that plan, host and facilitate their own webinar separate from PRA may request to announce their event on the PRA website. Once approved by the PRA, they may submit one electronic poster for announcement. Poster must be simple and industry logos kept to a minimum as direct promotion of products and services is prohibited in the website


Sponsorship Benefits


  • Sponsor identifies a topic aligned with the educational schedule and may provide the presenter(s) once approved with the Committee on Continuing Education

  • PRA will be responsible for the webinar logistics including announcements, registration, communication, production and facilitation

  • Sponsor logo included on all PRA announcement materials

    • Listed on PRA website: webinar calendar and registration page

    • PRA poster invitation

    • PRA announcement emails and Viber blasts

    • Social media – Facebook and Twitter announcements



  • Sponsor will have 3 to 5-minute recording at the start of the webinar to provide a short introduction about their company. Time may be adjusted depending on the need of the webinar and the approval by the Committee on Continuing Medical Education.

  • Verbal recognition of sponsorship during the introduction and closing of the webinar

  • Sponsor contact information provided to attendees at the end of presentation



  • Access to the attendee registration list including: Name, Title, Practice location and Email address

  • Logo with link to sponsor’s website included on post webinar communication

  • Opportunity to provide follow-up in PRA’s thank you email to webinar attendees

  • Sponsor may provide up to three questions to be included in post-webinar feedback survey

  • Sponsor receives post-webinar survey feedback survey results



  • Sponsored webinar will be offered as complimentary to PRA members and a registration fee (to be determined by PRA) may be charged for non-members

  • The webinar will be recorded and may be used on other PRA education platforms

  • Content varies for each webinar based upon the education schedule and the most immediate educational needs

  • Webinar content must fit with the PRA educational calendar and be approved by the PRA Board of Trustees and the Committee on Continuing Medical Education


Sponsor Commitment to PRA

  • Webinar content to fit within the PRA educational calendar and be approved by the PRA Board of Trustees and the Committee on Continuing Education

  • Webinar content provided prior to at least six to eight weeks in advance of scheduled webinar for suitable announcements, continuing education requirements and facilitation of logistics

  • Must be educational focused and a noncommercial presentation delivering a best practice, resource or solution


Other Provisions

  • Webinar will be copyrighted by PRA; no license to the content is granted to the sponsor or host

  • Webinars are a PRA member benefit (non-members may be required to pay registration fee. Registration fees are determined by PRA)

  • As PRA webinars are noncommercial forums, the direct promotion of products and services is prohibited

  • The presenter/sponsor will refrain from overt statements, harsh language or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group

  • The sponsor/presenter is responsible for adhering to the timeline provided and the guidelines for submission outlined in this document

  • Webinar will be canceled by PRA if deemed necessary or due to lack of interest or participation

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