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Webinar Sponsorship

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that going virtual is essential. Learning activities have shifted online with webinars at the forefront. PRA is committed in continuing professional education and personal development to its members via webinars of the Special Interest Group (SIG) lectures and Rheumatology Skills Enhancement Series (RSES). Webinars typically run 60 minutes in length and are promoted to the entire PRA membership, non-members and other healthcare related groups. With more than 200 PRA members and additional attendees from both adult and pediatric medicine, there is ample opportunity to support PRA and Industry Partners via sponsorship or educational grant.


Webinar Sponsor Benefits:

  • Sponsor will have a 3 to 5-minute recording at the start of the webinar to provide a short introduction about their company

  • Access to the attendee registration list including:

    • Names

    • Title

    • Practice location

    • Email address

  • Included in PRA webinar announcement:

    • Listed on PRA website: webinar calendar and registration page

    • PRA poster invitation

    • PRA announcement emails and Viber blasts

    • Social media – Facebook and Twitter announcements

  • Opportunity to provide follow-up in PRA’s thank you email to webinar attendees


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