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PRA Membership Categories


A Fellow of the Association is any of the following:

A member who was trained in Rheumatology by an accredited training institution and certified by the Philippine Specialty Board of Rheumatology (PSBR).

A founding member of the Philippine Rheumatism Association in 1975.

A Fellow of the Association as of 1996.


A Diplomate is a member who has passed the examination given by the Philippine Specialty Board of Rheumatology (PSBR) and is certified as specialist by the same. This is a pre-requisite before being admitted as Fellow of the Association.


An Associate Member is a Fellow or a Diplomate of a specialty association/ society recognized by the Philippine Medical Association, with special interest in Rheumatology.


A Clinical Member is any of the following:

A Trainee in Rheumatology.

A Trainee in a related specialty such as orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation medicine, pediatrics and others with a special interest in rheumatology.

A physician with five (5) years minimum practice of general medicine with a special interest in rheumatology.


An Honorary Fellow is a physician who is nominated by a Fellow of the Association by virtue of contributions to the advancement of rheumatology in the country and is endorsed and approved by the Board of Trustees.


An International Member is a rheumatologist certified by the Philippine Rheumatology Association, who is residing abroad and continues to practice the discipline of Rheumatology.


A Life Fellow is any Fellow of the Association in good standing for at least 10 years and has paid a life membership fee as determined by the Association. Life members are entitled to all rights and privileges without further payment of any annual membership dues and convention registration fees, provided they comply with other conditions of membership. Life fellows shall, however, continue to pay special assessments that may be imposed by the Board.

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